MEI Zili


MEI Zili, male, born in 1962, the Professor and Director of Engineering Center of BIOMA. Got his bachelor of Sciences at Chongqing Architecture Project University in 1983.

Has always been engaged in the research of anaerobic digestion techniques and the designing, construction and management for biogas plants; Hosted 9 key application projects of research findings of MoA of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of China; Designed 11 biogas plants; Won the first, second and third prizes of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Hosted the compiling work of “gas supply design” under the MoA industry standard of the technical standards on biogas plants; hosted the equipment design work “the technological research and design of medium and large biogas plants”, which is a key project of the state on scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Representative works:

Demonstration biogas plants of centralized gas supply for 5,000 households in LezhiCounty;

Biogas plant on the wastewater treatment for Sichuan XinyuanPharmaceutical Company;

The 3000 cubic meter daily gas yield digester for Shandong LukangMedicine Company;

The wastewater treatment plant for Chengdu Paili food Company;