CHEN Ziai, femail, born in 1975, the Professor of Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture. Got her master of sciences at Sichuan University in 2008. Mainly engage renewable energy quality inspection and test.

Hosted the “Desulfurizer for household digesters” project funded by the National Natural Science Fund for Youth. Participated in the revisions of rural industry standards and the transmission and supply system of household digesters. Participated in the “de-nitrification of waste water from pig farms and desulfurization of biogas digesters” project funded by the Natural Science Fund. Participated in the research in the development of fermentation microbial agents of livestock waste. Participated in the standard revision of household biogas stoves, lamps and pressure meters. Also participated in the standard revision of many other rural renewable energy projects

Gave more than ten lectures at the international biogas (renewable energy) technology training courses and domestic training courses to overseas and Chinese biogas officials and technicians; Mentor for undergraduate students on their graduation thesis at Sichuan Normal University and Chengdu University; Published a total of 21 research papers as the first author for 13 of them and second author for the rest 8;

Published a book in 2012; Got one patent on trash and wastewater combined digester (patent No. ZL201010225429.2) in 2013 as the second ranking inventor; And one household wastewater purification device (patent No. ZL201520740271.0) in 2016 as the first making inventor.