Deputy Director General of FAO Visited Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture

On February 4, 2018, Daniel Gustafson, Deputy Director General of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and his delegation visited Reference Center for Biogas Research and Training, Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture.

The delegation visited Microbiology Research Center(Key Laboratory of Rural Renewable Energy of Ministry of Agriculture), laboratory of Biogas Engineering Research Center and laboratory of Biomass Research Center.Laboratory staff introduced the work of BIOMA in anaerobic microorganism, anaerobic fermentation technology, biogas engineering, R&D platforms and so on. Then, the delegation had a meeting with leaders and experts of BIOMA. Dengshan Wang, Director General of BIOMA introduced the industry trends of biogas, research capacities, and the work of Reference Center, pointing out the plan to carry out south-south cooperation under the support of FAO. Mr. Gustafson also discussed with experts about the development of biogas in China, industry standards and technology dissemination.

Mr. Gustafson spoke highly of this visit, affirming contributions made by BIOMA to the development of biogas in China and the world, and congratulating on the achievements in research, training and so on. He hoped that BIOMA,as the Reference Center of FAO, will continue to integrate resources and promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation in collaboration with FAO to the benefit of the world. Shengyao Tang, Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Agriculture fully recognized BIOMA’s work, pointing out that biogas technology is a technology that converts waste into valuable. With the advancement of urbanization, it will play a greater role in environmental treatment and ecological improvement.

Delegation members also included Dongxi Feng, Deputy Director General of FAO South-South Cooperation and Partnership Department; Jinbiao Wang, Senior Officer of FAO South-South Cooperation and Partnership Department; Vincent Martin, FAO Representative in China; Lijin Zhou, Officer of FAO South-South Cooperation;Xuewan Xu, Deputy Director of Center for International Cooperation Services of MOA; leaders from Foreign Economic Cooperation Center of MOA and Sichuan Department of Agriculture were also in the delegation.

Author: Jingsi Cheng