Research Direction

Anaerobic Microorganism Strains and Gene Resources Collection
Collection and selection of energy microbial resources;
Potential analysis and evaluation on utilization of anaerobic microorganism;
Key enzyme activity and capacity characteristic study of anaerobic microorganism.


Biogas Fermentation Technology and Technical Research
Applied research on microorganism enhanced technology of biogas fermentation;
Pilot operation of hydrogen sulfide deprivation electrochemical technology;


Efficient and High Worth Conversion Technology of Straw Cellulose Biomass
Study on straw cellulose degradation strain resource and its enzymatic characteristics;
Efficient and high worth conversion of microbial metabolic engineering and biomass;
Technical parameters and development model study of straw biogas utilization;


Technology and Theoretical Study on Biogas Slurry Resource Utilization
Biogas slurry utilization and action mechanism of crop disease control;
Breeding binding research linked with biogas slurry utilization;
New technology and theoretical research of biogas resource utilization;


The Development Condition Analysis on Rural Recycling Agriculture linked with Biogas Installations
Condition analysis of satisfying the development of recycling agriculture;
The recycling agriculture includes panting, cultivating, scale of biogas device and other basic conditions;
Condition estimation of biogas slurry replacing chemical fertilizer, potential and problems;
Government financial investment and PPP mode.